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Performing at Cotuit Center for the Arts

  My talk at the GROW Program at Riverview School on Cape Cod. The students had many interesting questions.

    What I talk about:

  • How I have dealt with the challenges of overcoming a "developmental delay"
  • Why I express myself through art and how important that is to me
  • How to become a writer, and maybe even publish a book
  • How to believe in yourself and become your own self-advocate
  • How to ask others for support
  • How to be the best that you can be

   I would love to talk to your group about self - 






I have helped to create a self-advocacy networking group in Centerville, Massachusetts. Self-advocacy means speaking up for yourself about your rights and taking personal responsibility for your life... You can do it! We can help!


Come join us the first Tuesday of each month at 

 Centerville Recreation Building

524 Main Street

Centerville, MA 02632

4:30- 5:30 pm

Now there is another group in Hyannis, and one is coming soon in Mashpee. Ask us about helping you form a group in your location.

To learn more about the groups or to schedule a self-advocacy talk, please contact

Juliane Dillon at or call her at 508-385-6019.


Kennedy Donovan Center supports people with developmental disabilities to pursue their personal potential in the community.